Grêmio enfrenta desafios físicos e Renato destaca apoio de poucos clubes.

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Grêmio enfrenta desafios físicos e Renato destaca apoio de poucos clubes.

Em entrevista coletiva após a goleada por 4 a 0 sobre o The Strongest , nesta quarta-feira (29), pela CONMEBOL Libertadores , o técnico do Grêmio , Renato Gaúcho , pediu calma com o desempenho demonstrado por sua equipe e ressaltou que o elenco ainda está "muito atrás" fisicamente em relação aos rivais. "Quanto ao ritmo de jogo, o Grêmio fez uma excelente partida desde o início, mas ainda estamos muito atrás dos outros. Não vamos tirar por base apenas uma partida que fizemos, e fizemos muito bem... But the of play is different. You see in some moves from the first half, especially with Diego (Costa). We lost the ball and the plays precisely becaof this lack of game rhythm," illustrated. "Game rhythm is essential for the player. These days we trained very hard. The group was very professional, despite the pain. Today, we showed a lot of commitment, dedication and love for the Grêmio shirt. That's why I congratulated all of them," he continued. "But we are very behind our opponents. Anyone who knows football, knows: game rhythm is essential. Everyone who entered today played well, but in terms of game rhythm, we are still very behind our opponents," he added. The coach stated that the group is as if it had come from a preseason at the beginning of the year. In his view, at least eight games will be necessary for the conditions to become more equal - but with the Immortal having several disadvantages, such as not being able to play in Porto Alegre.

"It's the same as coming back from a preseason. It's always very difficult. You always need eight to 10 games to get into the normal rhythm of the players. But we are not talking about the preseason of all the clubs, but only the ones from Rio Grande do Sul. So that's why I say we are very behind our opponents," he observed. Regarding the very complicated schedule that Grêmio will have in the coming weeks, with matches every three days for several different competitions, Renato listed the difficulties and ironically criticized the lack of support from other clubs to decide on the suspension of the Brasileirão . "I don't like to get involved in this subject, it's a matter for the president and the board. We tried everything in every way. The president tried in every way to minimize what we will go through from now on. But there is no other way: every three games we will have a game and a decision. The first was today, the next is Saturday, then Tuesday, with fatigue from the round trip... Then, Estudiantes here (in Brazil) is another. All Grêmio games will be decisive," he recalled. "And that's where we lose to our opponents in game rhythm and, especially, in the fact that our opponents always play with the same team. We will have to change, becaotherwise we will lose players. Today, everyone played an excellent game, but the season's schedule does not allow for recovery. There is no way to put the same team every three days. It's impossible. And it's another advantage that others have over us," he complained. "I am not complaining about the opponents. They are not guilty at all. But people have to think a little about Grêmio and what we are going through... Few bought into our talk. \'The problem is yours\'. But we will always fight, fight and seek the best results," he added, with irony. "That's why we have a president, an executive, a vice president... When I have to shout, they shout. When I need their support, I shout along. But there are things that you are swimming against the current and it doesn't help... The conversations I have been having with the group are important, conversations to make them lighter, so that they can play good football and seek victories. It's beautiful, everyone helping us, but when it's time to shout, few clubs shouted in our favor...," he said, once again with irony. "There is no other way. We are professionals. The president is there to seek the best for us, to seek and to shout. When things are defined, we have to comply, becawe are employees. Whatever is determined, we need to do," he concluded. With the great result this Wednesday, Grêmio, who had just scored a major victory over Estudiantes in La Plata, adds its 2nd consecutive triumph and goes to 6 points, ranking 3rd - and with only 4 games played. The leader of the group is still The Strongest, with 10 points, but the Bolivian club has already played the 6 games possible in the competition. The 2nd place is currently held by Huachipato , with 8 points in 5 games. The Chilean team will be precisely Grêmio's next opponent, on Tuesday (4), in a "final" for a place in the next stage. Estudiantes, on the other hand, is the bottom of the table, with 4 points also in 5 matches. Already eliminated, the Argentines will still face the Immortal in Brazil on June 8th. Next games for Grêmio Red Bull Bragantino (H) - 01/06, 16h (Brasília time) - Brasileirão Huachipato (A) - 04/06, 21h (Brasília time) - CONMEBOL Libertadores Estudiantes (H) - 08/06, 19h (Brasília time) - CONMEBOL Libertadores.

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